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Recently, portuguese daily newspaper Público considered Tiago Rodrigues one of the most influential young artists of the last decade in Portugal. Whether he’s working 14 hours a day as an apprentice at a three Michelin star kitchen to create “What we take from this life”, filming one of Portugal’s most famous TV anchors in silence for “If a window would open” or creating a piece for the façade of a building in “Hotel Lutécia”, the work of Tiago Rodrigues has been recognised for the ability of breaking down the borders between theatre and different realities.

Developing his work as an actor, director, producer and writer, Tiago Rodrigues was born in 1977. At the age of 21 he quits theatre school to work with belgian company tg STAN, with which he collaborates on a regular basis since 1998, having co-created and performed several performances spoken in English and French, touring in over 15 countries. In his early years as an actor, he also collaborates with portuguese company Artistas Unidos and is part of the theatre collective SubUrbe, simultaneously working as artistic director of several alternative TV shows, like the prized “Zapping”, as a screenwriter for drama or comedy series and writing articles for many portuguese newspapers.

In 2003 he decides to base his activity in Lisbon and creates the company Mundo Perfeito together with Magda Bizarro, where he continues to pursue a work heavily based on artistic collaboration and collective processes, creating many pieces at a very fast pace, being produced by renowned festivals such as Alkantara Festival or Festival d’Autaumne à Paris and touring in countries such as Portugal, France, UK, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Lebanon and Brazil. Besides international co-creations such as “Berenice”, with his usual partners of tg STAN and “Yesterday’s Man” with lebanese artists Rabih Mroué and Tony Chakar, Tiago Rodrigues has co-created pieces with some of the most relevant actors and authors in Portugal. Furthermore, he has commissioned and staged texts by such international authors as Tim Etchells or Nature Theatre of Oklahoma, as well as dozens of portuguese writers, among which are José Luís Peixoto, Jacinto Lucas Pires, José Maria Vieira Mendes, Miguel Castro Caldas and many others.

Also with Mundo Perfeito, he creates and coordinates projects “Urgências”, for the promotion of portuguese dramaturgy, and “Estúdios”, for the artistic collaboration between portuguese and international artists, his first experiences as curator.

At the age of 26, he starts working as an invited teacher at Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s contemporary dance school PARTS, in Brussels. Since then, he has also taught in various theatre and dance schools in Portugal as well as abroad, either included in university programs such as “The Autonomous Actor” at Stockholm’s Theatre School or directing workshops for performing artists in Portugal, Romania, Brazil and Norway.

Since 2010, Tiago Rodrigues starts a new stage in his body of work, choosing to create his own pieces, although continuing to develop collaborative work. His first experience at writing and directing a piece is “If a window should open”, which earned him a nomination for the Best Performance of the Year prize by the Portuguese Author’s Society. Besides his own work, Tiago Rodrigues has also been collaborating as dramaturgist and writer with choreographer Rui Horta in three of his pieces, as well as dramaturgist and translator of Rodrigo García’s texts for performers Ana Borralho and João Galante.

Besides his theatrical work, Tiago Rodrigues has been acting and writing both for cinema and television, with directors such as Tiago Guedes e Frederico Serra, João Canijo, Bruno de Almeida, Marco Martins, among others. In João Canijo’s “Misbegotten”, a film selected for official competition in the Venice Bienalle, his part has earned him the portuguese GDA prize for Best Supporting Actor in 2008. Recently, he acted in and wrote the screenplay of the two episode series “Bloody Night”, which won the Best TV Fiction of 2010 prize of the Portuguese Authors Society and was nominated for Best Mini Series in the International TV Festival of Monte Carlo, alongside with productions from all over the world.

Tiago Rodrigues has also been developing several community artistic projects like a creative writing project with institutionalized convicted adolescents that later became a national radio show; or writing and directing “Sleeping Beauty”, a piece for dancers and actors over 60 years old that gave origin to a company called Companhia Maior; writing the piece “The woman who stopped” for the community project Alkantara was developing at Bairro da Cova da Moura, a poor neighbourhood in the suburbs of Lisbon; writing also the piece “Bad students chorus” for project PANOS, which was produced by dozens of high school theatre companies around the country; or working himself with teenagers creating a collective piece about government and politics.