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Independent choreographer media and performing artist, and co-Artistic Director of amorphy.org, a non profit performing based company in Athens, Greece.

 She was born in Kavala City in 1977. She graduated from the State School of Dance in Athens Greece 1998 and went to New York City as a scholar from A. Onassis Foundation. In New York she was performing with international dance companies as well as created her first attempts of original dance/theater projects 1999-2003.

 Since 2003 that returned in Greece and founded the company amorphy.org has presented the following projects: “Pleas[e]nter” (2011 – Kunstkapel Museum, Amsterdam) Dr.Maybe Darling (2010 – Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece), Land(scape)(2009 – Grevena, Greece), “Lights on You” (2008 – Athens, Greece), “See You in Walhalla (2006 – Athens, Amsterdam, Sofia and 2007 commissioned by Athens Festival), “Invisible Cities 1.0″ (2005 – 12th Naples Biennale, Italy and Theater of Neos Kosmos, Greece), “Fried” (2005 – MAD Festival, Athens), “Psycho/Cycle (2004 – Dock 11, Berlin and Theater Semio, Athens, Greece), “Shedding'”(2004 – InteraktionsLabor, Germany), “1,170,694″ (2004 – Site-Specific Work, Athens, Greece).

Lately she has been working on short films and interactive installations such as Dr.Maybe Darling’s Self Portrait Memorandum Installation – to help the memory (2012 – Moving Silence Festival at Goethe Institut and Camp, Athens Greece  

She is the organizer of  ToDoToBe ToBeToDo Dobedobedo Festival since 2010.