SHADOWS, tzeni argyriou

Ready to go for execution. The pictures from World War Two Tzeni brings to discussion ARE from a group of people just waiting… to be executed. The process she proposes, as a starting point, is to film each one doing exaggerated actions, specific actions she asks from them to do when directing each one. After, the recorded images will be transformed into shadows. The idea of the shadows is related to a kind of quality of extreme cartoons, grotesque in the expression of behaviour, childlike.

There is a conviction related to the choice of expressive and exaggerated gestures, that the internal is not visible. It explores also the question of how a group of people react in different ways to one same information. In a first phase of the project the question is about the strategy to materialise it and the best use of technical possibilities available. The group actions experimented were frozen embraces and a pile of bodies.

The general concept for “Shadow” is questioning the way people in the present face history and relate to that. It’s a search on how a body today can comment these other bodies and how far that reality is indeed from contemporary life. The strategy to approach this theme is through humour and caricature to create a detachment from this complex and disturbing material from the Second World War.