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théâtre des bernardines

Since the 18th century when it was built the chapell of bernardines has been very active. Being successively a covent, a wharehouse, ….., a ballroom a school to finally become a theater following the initiative of the realisator Alain Fourneau.

Between stone columns and under a dome looking like the Pantheon in paris and ST pierre de rome this theater project started its development in 1987, development centered on creation and research.

“The bernardines” is an own place, a group of territories with no frontiers, owning a redwood counter ( from a typical “bistrot” of Bordeaux)in a 100 seats rooms.

Everything connected like a sucession of open spaces related to one another like the main room connected to the back room.

The main objective is an open space with an open flow making the theater in a continual movement.

The deal is simple and complex at the same time, it needs time, sharing, thinking and a mutual curiosity.