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michel CERDA

Practices for twenty years a versatile, pleasant and assumed artistic activity. Stages contemporary theatre alongside with the transmission dramaturgical follow-up of other artists (circassians, singers, dancers and magicians). As often as possible, he loves to be a Director who plays with himself and plays with others. He defines himself as a very close man to the stage and to contemporary creation. In his last stagings: ” Et pourtant ce silence ne pouvait être vide” by Jean Magnan and ” Ah Ah ah, rions trois fois” Forum du Mesnil, where he was in residence currently, he worked as a dramaturge on the show “Pleurage et scintillement’’ with Jean Baptiste ANDRE, creation in June 2013. He also follows the project “Un aventure” selected by Circus Next European project with Cie La Boca Abierta.