Home of the theatre and curiosity company, Cosmos Kolej, directed by Wladyslaw Znorko, La Gare Franche is an artistic place nestled in the heart of the north districts of Marseille. It is a link between a housing estate undergoing urban renovation, le Plan d’Aou and the village core, Saint-Antoine. An ideal place for the company to nurse their dreams and settle, it comprises an ancient factory converted into a working space, and a 17th century house turned into an artists’ residency. Gardens, too. There, Cosmos Kolej invites artists, companies and collectives, from theatre to cinema, from visual arts to music, even architecture, both building and landscape. The Gare Franche has thus become a mosaic of curiosity and an artistic production lab. The company also develops an ambitious project of shared gardens on site and in the neighbourhood, with people from around or elsewhere. Plus numerous actions aimed at local people, linked to the artistic projects accomodated there.