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Jorge Andrade is a graduate of Lisbon’s Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema, where he has also teached. In 2005 he undertook Third Angel’s theatre director course at Fundação CalousteGulbenkian (Criativity and Artistic Creation course).

In 2002 Jorge Andrade created mala voadora with José Capela. The company’s work has been focusing on contemporary issues, some of which are concerned with social themes, while others explore the nature of theatricality and ‘spectacularity’ itself. He was distinguished with an honorable mention by the jury of the Maria Madalena de Azeredo Perdigão award for the staging of The Justs. In 2007 was invited to stage a show for “O Estado do Mundo”, as part of of the celebratory program of Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian’s 50  year anniversary. In 2012 the show overdrama was nominated for the SPA/RTP awards in the best show categorie. Also in 2012 the show what I heard about the world, a co-creation between mala voadora and British company Third Angel, was nominated for best show of Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival by the Total Theatre Awards.