DANCING LUNCH, odile darbeley

It was supposed to be a dancing lunch but ended by being a dancing dinner. The idea, as Odile proposed, was simply to change the conscience of everything that was implicated in the action of eating. Or, in another words, dinning with the idea of dance. It was not supposed to result on a clear and or/excessive expression of that desired embodied quality, it was just a change of awareness of the senses.

By enter in that spirit and by doing that, each one could became both, performer and spectator of that very quotidian and essential action of the human being. The concrete result was the free way each person decided to be in that situation, with exaggerations, humour and other possibilities. But beyond that more immediate understanding of it’s possibilities, there can be seen delicate but relevant questions. Questions about the quality in which each person lives the most basic things of live – Odile convokes in this proposal a level of conscience of living simillar to the one demanded and expected and desired for the contemporary performer. It can be also about the paradox or ambiguity between effectively connecting an inner and outer side of one’s being, being aware of that, but position himself or herself almost in an outer-body experience that allows watching the external choreography the individual expressions of this conscience could produce, kind of intensified connection with one self and simultaneous detachment of oneself with himself… And let’s not forget that the choice of this action was the act of eating. This may mean, not only the fact that usually is a social action – and in TryAngle is for sure a social action – but also the fact that it really puts in motion the invisible movement of our internal, organic, being, that has a very complex invisible life… something pos-modernist art and the non-dance has been talking about…