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“Please don’t mess with the seasons…”, we hear them saying, in a kind of private joke between the two while they are on the stage, in La Gare Franche, rehearsing their music repertory for the band of two they created in TryAngle. But what can be a music band of two, resulting from the meeting of a portuguese choreographer and dancer, Márcia Lança, and a norwegian theatre director, performer and scientist, Jorgen Knudsen? They started sharing stories about teenager love, one possible apolitical moment of live, when the hormones dictates that are things more important than the discourse of crises, economy and failure of capitalist society. They went through the seasons, and have a different song for each one, even considering that in some countries there are no longer distinct seasons. Their lyrics are based on personal experience, and with some help from the poet Eugenio de Andrade. They plan to do the concert on the tree, in the garden of La Gare Franche, and they even created an image, a very strong and constructed image, to do their band poster. There is a song for each season and each song talks about an idilic experience of a first love. But the sweetness of the story of the song is contradicted by the atmosphere of the music… They say… it is going to hardcore… Or, maybe sweet hardcore…?