(Before known as "Brainstorming")

 How to start when there are so many questions: political questions, questions about the relevance of art, about what makes an action with artistic intention a valid artistic act? There are questions about how to do this in a true spirit of collaboration, of shared co-authorship of the work, when the discussion of ideas is the content of the work? When the discussion of ideas is the content and the process of the work and is also the apparatus of the work. A project with the desire to involve everybody, from artist to production… And the discussion includes ways of seeing art and life, which implies taking a position about some subjects, but also includes possible ways of creating strategies and a device for the materialisation of the project. And all this is also in the moment of the process, when brainstorming about the possibilities of the experimentation. But also this discussion and the process of creation of the proposal through brainstorming are also part of the content and form of what is being organised in some kind of frame.

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