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the three main questions per day

Proposed by Gudrun Lange

Text by Irina Raskin

Is there a space to share and capture one’s concerns that arrive throughout the practice at TryAngle? How can you articulate those concerns? How can you communicate them to the others without being too obtrusive? These might have been the three main questions of Gudrun Lange for initiating “the three main questions per day”.

“Please share” – says one at a corner attached sign, inviting all people to contribute to this archive of thought by writing each of their three main questions of the day on a piece of paper and sticking it on the wall. On the one hand, this concept functions as an individual summary for the day. On the other hand, it creates a space to share ones reflections anonymously, without the necessity of an immediate exchange. Moreover, it allows a reflection on the evolution of the raised questions in comparison to the individual ones from the days before as well as comparison to those of the other participants.

“The three main questions per day” – a testimony of reflection that grows as long as TryAngle goes on.