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paula DIOGO

Born on October 5th, 1977 in Lisbon, Portugal.
Graduated by the Portuguese School of Theatre and Cinema (2002). Also attended the Literature / Portuguese and Spanish course at the Lisbon Classical University.
Co-founder of Teatro Praga (Theatre Company) (1995/2008) and of O Pato Profissional lda – Production Company in 2003, Paula Diogo worked with these structures regularly as artistic creator, performer and as production manager and administrator.
Paula Diogo has worked with several artists and companies in Portugal and abroad.
In 2004 she won the award for Best Performing Actress (Portuguese Club of Arts and Ideas) for Private Lives, a co-creation of Teatro Praga.
In 2006 she receives a scholarship from the National Centre of Culture in order to develop an investigation work about creative processes. For that she assisted the creation of the show “Kitchen, you never had so good” from Gob Squad (UK/DE) in Berlin.
Also in 2006 she takes part at Ecole des Mâitres – Thierry Salmon Project with the italian director Antonio Latella, with whom she worked after in the show “Pericle” that opened at the Venice Biennale ´07 touring in Europe afterwards.
Later on 2006 she was invited by the choreographer Rui Horta to attend COLINA – Collaboration in Arts in Aarhus (Denmark). www.colinaaarhus.com
In 2007 she attended the Stage Direction Course at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon with the English Company Third Angel.
In 2008 she is invited by Mark Depputer to take part at ENCOUNTERS 2008 an informal meeting for artists and critics to discuss and share ideas about the ALKANTARA Festival 2008 shows.
In 2010 she was one of invited young directors at Nuovo Teatro Nuovo in Naples under the artistic direction of Antonio Latella.
She has developed the label Má-Criação, a branch of O Pato Profissional Production Company dedicated to performance and theater, that brings together a regular group of artists and collaborators. At the same time she continues working in collaboration projects in Portugal, Italy and France.