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jean-jacques SANCHEZ

Jean-Jacques Sanchez was born in 1964 in Marseille. He studied Jazzdance and Contemporary Dance under Peter Goss, Jose Caseneuve and  Karin Waehner. He danced in companies such as Europa Ballett, Tanz Berlin Compagnie Camargo by Dominique Rebaud, Company Erste by Bruno Genty and collaborates with choreographers like Anne Dreyfus, Jean Gaudin, Pierre Droulers; Geneviève Sorin, Thierry Niang, Christophe Haleb and Felix Ruckert.
In his choreographic works, he deals with architectural structures, urban spaces, corporate topics and social forms of organization. Together with Ana Gabriela Castro, he manages the “Le Relieurs” – which can be translated as “The bookbinders” – in the district of “Air Bel” in Marseille.
Furthermore, he creates workshops for amateurs, called “Corps enjeu(x) dans la ville” and organizes photo exhibitions that document the performances in public spaces. His artistic focus lies on the creation of dance and video performances that take place in architecturally interesting buildings, for example in the those constructed by the Brasilian architect Oscar Niemeyer (Corpos e Laços). He also focuses on dealing with social spaces.
In 2008, Jean-Jacques Sanchez successfully completed a multifaceted audiovisual education at the Institut National Audiovisual (INA) and in 2011 he educated himself in HD camera work. His work “Monologue pour un danseur – la vie d’Hans”, featuring dancers and choreographers Francois Bouteau and Bertrand Lombard, combines autobiographical aspects with musical and literary references.
Since 2004, Jean-Jacques Sanchez has used writing as a chance to pass on his artistic experience. Together with other dance artists, he publishes his works in the collected edition “Des Corps et Conjonctures” which is released quarterly. He also publishes articles on ladanse.com and co-founded the group “Acteurs Chorégraphiques en region Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur” (AC PACA).