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Gui Garridos artistic work and education are connected to dance, choreography and fine arts. He is interested in performance as a story telling through becoming a showman disguised in contemporary dance. His artistic work always contains warm and subversive humor. He is occupied with how the body and movement can also give associations to films, hero figures, shows or rock concerts. At the same time he is interested in interweaving the fragility and intimacy of relationships on stage.
Between 2007 to 2009, he was the curator of “Show Rooms” within the frame of the annual Dance Festival “ A Fábrica” in Porto, Portugal.
In the summer of 2008 he was the co-artistic director of the project Skite/Sweet and Tender Collaborations Porto 2008, together with António Pedro Lopes and Jean Marc-Adolphe.
As a dancer he worked for Maria Clara Villa-Lobos in “Super!” (BE), for Ibrahim Quraishi, “My Private Himalaya”(EUA/NL) and for Tommy Noonan/ PVC company Stadttheater Freiburg in “Tout Court” (G).
Since October 2007 he has been touring all around Europe with “Still Difficult Duet” – a work in collaboration with Pieter Ampe. He is still working with Antonio Pedro Lopes in “I WANT MORE FANS YOU WANT MORE STAGE”(work in progress). Together with Mia Habib they did a duet called “ a couple dance” that premiered in March 2009 in Danshus of Oslo, Norway. In April 2010 he premiered “Still Standing You”, another duet in collaboration with Pieter Ampe, and have been performing extensively all over Europe.
He premiered his first solo work, “GO JOHN” in February 2011 in Fresh Festival in Kunstencentrum BUDA in Kortrijk, Belgium, and in January 2012 he premiered “BEST BEAST”, his first group piece as choreographer in HAU, Berlim, Germany.
Just premiered in Kunsten Festival des Arts 2012 the project “a coming community”, a collaboration with Pieter Ampe, Nuno Lucas and Hermann Heisig.
He has also been invited to teach workshops in Portugal, Italy, Sweden and Germany.
Together with Pieter Ampe he has a band called “De Campo Boys” and with António Pedro Lopes and Anja Mueller a band called The Sing Songs.