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Gisle Martens Meyer is a composer, artist and producer. Born in Norway 1975, currently residing in Berlin. GMM works, produces and performs music in a wide span of fields; cinema, television, video games, theatre, dance, and installations. He’s also releasing music as artists, performing live with band and visuals.

For extended CV, works and bio please visit official composer website http://www.gislemartensmeyer.com/

For artist activity please visit official artist website http://www.ugress.com/


Recent major projects includes music for documentary Pushwagner about Norwegian artist Hariton Pushwagner, music for kids sci-fi television show Kometkameratene, creating a sinfonietta performed by tractors, touring Norwegian schools with a mad professor electronica show, and a performance with B361 for the Ballett Laboratory at Norwegian Opera.

There is a more extensive list of works with descriptions at the personal website.


Tragic Musical, please visit http://ugress.com/try/ for songs, text.