claudia GALHÓS

journalist and author
Claudia Galhós was born in Lisbon in 1972. Currently writes about performing arts for the weekly Portuguese newspaper Expresso. She was editor of the weekly tv program about performing arts, for the Portuguese public tv; and has written about performing arts for several newspapers and magazines in Portugal and abroad. Between 2001 and 2003, she directed a radio program about arts.
In the area of fiction, she has published three novels: “Sensualists” (2001), “Summer Tale” (2002) and “The Time of Cherries” (2007). She has several short stories published in anthologies in Portugal and abroad, and texts on theater and dance in foreign publications, some presented at international conferences, including France, Italy and Spain. Concerning her thinking about the performing arts, she published in 2009 the essay “Units of feeling” in the collection “Architectures of the gaze” (Body of Letter Collection, Spain). Also in this area, she published the book “Body of Strings – 10 years of Paulo Ribeiro’s Company” (Portugal, 2006) and the biographical essay “Pina Bausch – Feel More” (Portugal, 2010).