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raman ZAYA


Director/ Interdisciplinary artist

Director, Performance, Text, Video/Installations.

Born in Tehran / Iran, studied at University of Mainz / Germany. Focus: film, philosophy, sociology.

Topics such as identity, flexibility, freedom, home and mobility are expressed in the form of texts, film exposures, stage work or peformative installations.

Emotional abysses, existential borderline situations, incoherencies in human nature pervade Zayas work, while the dilemma of being human in the 21st century remains the central subject of Zayas artistic work.


Selection of works & collaborations 2011-2013

“Transit / Home” 2013/2014, about new coordinates in new homeland, performance (D/E)

“Just keep running”, 2013, about hope, multimedia installation (E/D)

“Oscillating realities” 2012, about longing, film exposures

„Sleepers“ 2011, about dreamscapes, intermedial danceperformance (E)