Morning Photo Shoot

Text by Inês Lebreaud

All the artists gathered on the parking lot of Convento da Saudação, answering a request from Polina Akhmetzyanova. The idea of a project which would involve everyone was appealing.

“I’m sorry, it may sound a little childish”, she said, while asking them to keep jogging, all next to the same wall. As they ran, she counted until four so that they would freeze and the photo would be taken.

A photographic camera was already set there. “One… Two… Three…” They would get closer to each other, looking for a target. “Four”. And they had to touch someone else.
The way to do it – more or less naturally – was their choice. The camera would shoot and they’d be free to start running again.

Polina wanted to print the photos immediately. Once she did, she used white sheets to draw over the outside lines of the group compositions. Those outlines transforming one into another caught her attention, has did the behavior of every singular artist, from photo to photo. Still, what’s going to happen next is not yet decided. For now, Polina just gathered the image material that offers something between a joyful childish play of adults and the diversity of patterns of statues that the group creates while going from running into the freezing.