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much more novo

Shooting Much More
Text by Inês Lebreaud

Working with camera and boom operators, Jacinto Lucas Pires went to Montemor-o-Novo’s downtown, with Miguel Borges, Linda Blomqvist, Alma Palacios, Polina Akhmetzyanova and Jorg Ritzenholff, to direct a short fiction documentary.

There was no script, but as the filming went by, a narrative was built. Inspired by a Portuguese television show about Portuguese people leaving outside the country, Jacinto found it could be interesting to discover how a foreigner dancer would feel in the town and how the town would feel and relate to the presence of that outside dancer.

In the streets, the dancers behaved according to Jacinto’s directions but the town people’s reactions to it, captured by the camera, were absolutely genuine. And that was part of the game… a short film where fiction meets reality…

In the edition room, Jacinto will meet an editor and bring the shot images together to give them the form he planned.