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leandro KEES

I was born in Patagonia, Argentina in the 80’s. In 1997 I enrolled on film and theatre studies at the Patagonic University of Arts where I made the first contact with contemporary dance. In 1999 I joined the National School of Drama in Buenos Aires where I also started to work with release-based techniques and contact improvisation, and worked as a dancer for national choreographers. In 2001 I decided to focus on dance and moved to Germany to study at the Folkwang University since I was interested in the mixture of dance and theatre and felt attracted by Pina’s work. Later on, following an increasing interest in the relationship between dance, video and performance, I joined the department of electronic composition at the same institution as a guest student. Through self-taught research and workshops, I continued to develop an interdisciplinary approach to performance over the following five years. As a dancer, I performed for Susanne Linke, Samir Akika, Mark Siezcarek, among others. In 2008 and 2009 I was invited to work as choreographer and dancer for the Folkwang Tanzstudio under artistic direction of Rodolpho Leoni and Pina Bausch. In 2010 I was selected for the Production Grant 2010 by Tanzplan Dresden, to create a piece coproduced by The Sempler Oper and Hellerau. Also in 2010 I invited as a guest teacher and director for the department of Physical Theater of the Folkwang University and in 2012 as a guest choreographer for he dance department. Since 2007 I have been regulary working at tanzhaus NRW in Düsseldorf under different formats. Alongside the research as a choreographer, I work in active cooperation with actors, composers, video makers and other artists in interdisciplinary projects. I currently live and work in NRW, Germany and have a fluent work relation with Argentina and Mexico.