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emmi VENNA

Emmi Venna was born 1985 in Helsinki, Finland. In 2004 she started her studies of dance and choreography in the Theatre Academy of Finland. She expanded her studies to Japan in 2008, to Kazuo Ohno Dance studio, and soon joined dance projects based in Tokyo and Kyoto. She graduated as Master of Arts in 2010 from Theatre Academy of Finland and since that she has been working in the dance field both as an interpret and a maker. In 2011-13 she choreographed for several multidisciplinary performances of Ylioppilasteatteri in Helsinki. Currently she is also making short films and working with video. Her latest video “This season I’ve been mostly” (2012) has been seen in several festivals in Finland.

In her work she seeks to inspect personal experiences trough different lenses and to expand individual processes into wider associative expressions. In her practice she focuses on experiential processes to feed, mirror and disturb both body and mind as a whole. Her recent works have been dealing with the choreographic dimensions of private and intimate spaces.