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daily chronicles

TryAngle as site specific art

Text by Claudia Galhós

The first movement is a step towards the other. What’s your name?, they ask while they wonder who is the person behind the melody of the voice, the way they smile at a first encounter, the questions they ask, the silences that crosses their eyes.

A first day is a possible first step in the direction of the other. And in this movement there are specificities which are not reproduced: the different combination of personalities, the artistic world they come from, the characteristic of the people and structure involved in the organisation, the weather, the landscape where it happens, the arquitecture of the spaces available to develop the experiments…

All artistic languages and media and all strategies for the creation or experimentation of art are legitimate and valid in this context – a situation of exception, out of everyday patterns, usually ruled by capitalistic and market logic. The only common quality to all three manifestations of this act of rebellion and utopia called TryAngle is the fact that is a site specific proposal, and each experience has it’s own very much particular arquitecture, both human and physical. That diversity is one of the most rich aspects of TryAngle, and makes it impossible to compare one with the other – Marseille, Düsseldorf and Montemor-o-Novo – as if they were similar.

And for a first day of warming up, saturday, september the 8th, while there are four artists still to come from the group of twenty, the first movement in the direction of the other or others happened in a visit around the places available for art experimentation to happen. In the case of Montemor-o-Novo these consists of the following: three dance/performance studios that can be transformed into black boxes and a sound studio, all these in the XVIth century convent, Convento da Saudação, where Rui Horta’s choreographic centre O Espaço do Tempo is resident. Going down the hill from the convent, the village has three other spaces available: the delicious Theatre Curvo Semedo; the amateur collectivity Sociedade Antiga Filarmonica Montemorense Carlista and the bull fighter building Praça de Touros de Montemor-o-Novo.

In this diversity, there is room for a pre-existing scenery, more peculiar, full of soul, of rich textures and colours, very human, but there is also the empty naked space, more familiar to the traditional language of contemporary experimentation – the case of the studios. But the fact that these studios exist in the very heart of an ancient building, the convent, has a particular meaning. There the grandiosity of the stones coexist with the human scale of the traces of ruin of time passing by and is in this interior that the contemporary gesture is inscribed. These different times, sensibilities, qualities enables varied frameworks for what the site specific TryAngle Montemor-o-Novo will become. But this is just the first movement towards the other…