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Project before called “Cinematic Practice”

Text by Inês Lebreaud

“Gaze, look, watch, being watched. Embodying cinematic techniques. Work with a camera.” Embodying the camera; embodying the cinema language. “Maybe a projection. Choreographing the gaze. What is seen and what it’s not?”

FIRST STEP – The Zoom In

Anna Nowicka is interested in how the audience eyes zoom in the dancer or performer and how he zooms in himself, deeply inside.

In order to find her path, working with Emmi Venna, Aleksandra Osowicz and Thomas Fourneau, she starts a series of experiments.

Using Emmi’s proposition to do an exercise of active imagination in movement and with Thomas as camera operator, they developed a triangle relation, with a dancer, a camera and a witness. This witness is not so different from a camera and from this camera embodying. While the dancer is walking and moving, the observer decides where to focus the attention, the look, which part of the body to follow, and how to read and understand what’s happening.

As the discussion flows, Anna fills up a notebook with everything she finds interesting and that can be used in future experiments, or even help her define her final purpose. Maybe it would be good to understand what the camera is doing and react to it, moving accordingly. Maybe, after working with a real camera, it would be interesting to become themselves the cameras, behave as a camera would behave and see as if their eyes were lenses. Maybe it’s important to understand the camera rules, its properties, the restrictions it implies to the human body and vice-versa and how to embody those aspects. Maybe not. For one thing, they agree that the image in the camera doesn’t matter. What matters is to experience it.

The direction taken is the search for understanding how the body movements can provoke the audience to act like a camera, in the way they would, for example, zoom in some body detail or movement.

Perhaps, it is not about how to embody the zoom in as a technique, but instead it’s meaning.

And being this only a first step, the research is an organic body in constant metamorphosis. What the experiment is, after two more days of practice and questioning and discussing between all involved – which also is in constant change – any possible description is already out of date, and a fragment of an idea that is in development.