boy meets girl


Une histoire d’amour à trois personnes

Text by Inês Lebreaud

Philippe Vincent finds beautiful how people behave when operating a camera – the eyes focusing the object and the body just following the eyes, quietly. It’s a dance, somehow. He took a camera and decided to enlarge what was initially a duet this dance to a three people relationship and for it he invited two dancers, a man and a woman: a love story.

They got to know each other. Between the two of them, with the presence of the camera, there was a certain distance; they would get close, but never touch. Then, they fell in love. They became playful and the camera entered their game; they touched each other; they slid their hands on each other, they held each other’s arms… and all that time the camera was right there, right on their faces, in love with them.

Leandro Kees and Emmi Venna had freedom in their moves as long as they kept guiding the camera. The camera itself didn’t search for them; just followed the motion; followed what was happening in front of it. What the camera recorded is forever a present: they touch each other and trade places and their movements guide the travelling direction and who the camera is framing.

The shooting worked like a choreographed performance, although all the moves were improvised. Different every time, that story was not thought through; it just happened. Like love.

Philippe recorded this choreography three times, each one with different lenses. The three times Jörg Ritzenhoff created a real time soundtrack, sensible to their moves, replying to their actions. In the end, the three shootings were mixed in the same film, building another love story, seen with other eyes.