Closing-up a monster
Text by Inês Lebreaud

It began as Aleksandra (Ola) Osowickz work for Monsters project.
She wanted to find her physical monster; a monster at the surface of her being, but deep in her skin.

With Anna Nowicka, she started playing with a video camera, travelling in a constant close-up, looking for landscapes in her body, using water to disfigure it.

As they kept working on it and after deciding it would be too literal to insert in Anna’s Close-up, the two polish girls began to find in it the potential to become a project by itself. They closed themselves in a studio, worked the lights to look for shadows and recorded Anna’s body. Then, they added to the images sounds recorded from Ola’s body – with the help of Jörg Ritzenhoff -, mixing their bodies into one.
For Anna, the skin is somewhat a messenger that tells a life for itself. The skin speaks of age; speaks of fights; speaks of laugher and anger and stress. It speaks about where we’re born and where we’ve lived and it’s all written down in the textures and wrinkles of our body. The human body: the most familiar thing to a person.

What Ola and Anna did was to make it unfamiliar in the most disquieting way, losing us in their body map, showing those live story textures instead of forms, twisting our perception of it. Seeing ourselves and don’t recognize us can be disturbing.

In the end, they’re going to put this video on a screen, in the dressing room, inside a wardrobe, because it hasn’t stopped to be a monster, a type of terrestrial alien, but also because the skin is the cloth we wear everyday of our lives.