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Three Hundred and Sixty

Text by Inês Lebreaud

Saturday (15th September), the population from Montemor-o-Novo reunited in the Bullring building for a unique moment in their lives. Ola Osowicz and Anna Nowicka, two polish dancers and choreographers, came to Montemor-o-Novo to immortalize it.

People from all generations – entire families, groups of good friends, lovers – disposed in a perfect circle. In the exact center of the arena, a photographer, with a camera on a tripod, turning over itself, took eighteen pictures, to place side by side, in a three hundred and sixty degrees image. Then a 360º photographic camera made it in one shot only. Then a movie camera…

The circle is a line that’s bent until the end and the beginning points are together in a loop. But that action unbent it again, aligning them all together, for eternity.

The picture is going to be exposed in the building of the amateur collectivity Sociedade Antiga Filarmónica Montemorense Carlista. Nobody knows for how long. Probably as long as it’ll be standing up. And in this picture, the whole town – even if it was not the entire town –, all its history, the lives of the oldest, the future of the youngest, disposed in the same frame, as a family, all of them fragments of a shared memory. In between, there are all the artists from the Tryangle laboratory, who were there that one day to bring something new to the lives of those citizens, to make a change. And they did. That day, they made them unforgettable.