STILLNESS, kostas koutsolelos



This is a practical essay on stillness. What is the measure of time when you are just standing still? What makes one person more resistant than others to be in a static position for a long time. At first, it starts with the almost unnoticeable movement of the body, as if their human figures were fragile trees gently balancing at the tender energy of an air breeze, almost invisible. The group of nine performers start as a kind of disturbed family portrait, with a gaze in the eye that goes beyond what is in front of them. “Take off your shoes and just walk. Enter the space of the stage without rushing, and take your place”. These are most of the instructions Kostas gives to the artists that participate in his experiment. And after more or less half an hour, the first of the nine performers on stage follows his authorisation to get out of the fixed position and lay on the floor as if they were dead. And then, one by one repeated the same action. At the end, about 50 minutes after the beginning, there were three people standing up – Miguel Pereira, Raphaelle Blancherie, and Odile Darbeley – almost everybody else was lying down. Even the people that was on the audience watching… And then the questions emerge again. Is this about slowing down the rhythm of the pulse, interrupting the hyper velocity of the days? Is it about resistance, physical and mental? Is this about being more aware of one’s surroundings and one’s inner life? Is this about the little movements that may emerge? These are all possibilities that the two days of experimentation directed by Kostas made evident.