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SOUND SCENOGRAPHY, soledad zarka

Soledad started experimenting with sound in the same afternoon she participated in Kostas Koutsolelos’ project about “Stillness”, on tuesday afertnoon, the 12th June. She started pulling a chair on the floor, and analysing the possibilities of the sound it produced. Now this turned into a project: to create a human sound scenography, that could interact with Kostas’ idea. In the first afternoon (on the 13th June), Soledad experimented with a group, on stage of Gare Franche. 

Simon is rolling a table in the space around and outside the stage. Tzeni Argyriou is making circles with a garbage container. Louisna Laurent drags a metal bench. With Soledad are also Kostas, Ema Dei, Odile Darbeley. Soledad is very affirmative in  stating that what they are doing is not music, but sound. Sound that results from the clear, clean and precise movement of the body in relation to an object and the space around them. In contrast with the quality and intentions of Kostas’ work, Soledad proposes to use the space around the stage. The stage is the space of fiction and narrative, she says, and oustide she creates the scenatographical score of an imaginary factory – which this place used to be before it was transformed into a Theatre. For the final usage of this material there isn’t a precise idea, but the question it comes to mind is: why is the centre, the stage, the place where the focus and the supposed important things happen? Because the quality and potential of the sound and body score Soledad is creating seems to have an identity of it’s own and a possible existence with an interesting autonomy.  

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