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miguel PEREIRA

Attended Escola de Dança do Conservatório Nacional de Lisboa and Escola Superior de Dança de Lisboa.

Received a scholarship from the Portuguese Ministry of Culture to continue his studies in Paris (Théâtre Contemporain de la Danse) and in New York.


As performer he worked with, among others, Francisco Camacho and Vera Mantero.

He made part of the theatre play and film “António um rapaz de Lisboa” by Jorge Silva Melo, and worked with Jerôme Bel in the piece “Shirtologia/Miguel” in 1997.

In 2000 Miguel choreographed the esteemed work “Antonio Miguel” for which he received the Revelation Prize José Ribeiro da Fonte/Ministry of Culture and an honour for the prize of Acarte/Madalena de Azeredo Perdigão (200), “Notes for an invisible show” (2001), the performance that is only announced by date and place (2002), “Corpo de Baile” (2005), “Karima meets Lisboa meets Miguel meets Cairo” a collaboration with the Egyptian choreographer Karima Mansour (2006), “Doo” (2008), and “Antonio & Miguel” (2010) a collaboration with Antonio Tagliarini.

In 2003 and 2007 Miguel created for the repertoire of Transitions Dance Company/Laban Centre the pieces “Transitions” and “Transitions II” that integrated the nacional and internacional tour of the company (2003/2004 and 2007/2008).

His work has been presented across Europe and Brazil.

Regularly he’s invited to teach in composition labs and workshops in Portugal and abroad.

In 2000 Vera Mantero, invited him to become an associated artist of the company O Rumo do Rumo, which he continues to be involved in.