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marion LUBAT

Graduate école de la Comédie de St Etienne
Last years, I have worked as an actress in differents projects with differents compagnies:
– Cycle about Raymond Federman with La Compagnie des Lumas (Moinous et Sucette/Amer Eldorado/la double vibration)
– Workshop with amateurs in Villefranche-sur-Saonne wich began a performance, also with Federman’s texts “Retour au fumier”
– “Agnés 68” Compagnie Jacques Kraemer

Then I have worked on several projects with a compagny, La Tentative, Benoit Lambert is the director :
– three short plays : “la peur des coups” by Courteline which we performed in appartments, “2.1”, an extract of “le misanthrope” by Molière and “Badine 2.5”, an extract from “on ne badine pas avec l’amour” by Alfred de Musset which we performed in high school, and after the play we talked with teenagers about the play, the job, their relation with theater and art in general.
– “We are l’Europe”, from a text by JC Massera
– “Enfants du siècle, un dyptique” from two plays by Alfred de Musset, “Fantasio” and “On ne badine pas avec l’amour”

I teached theater with teenagers in differents workshop

I worked as an actress and make-up artist in Film Fabrik 3 in Prague, five directors made five short movies in one mounth.