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jorgen KNUDSEN

My main occupation is music composer/art performance/theatre/dance. I worked for 25 years with a company called Baktruppen. We produced plays and performed all over Europe and also several times in Asia and US. This is history now. With Baktruppen and other companies I have participated alone or in company in almost  100 works of theatre, dance, art performance, music performance, other not classifiyable works, and i´ve enjoyed it very much,

I work now with company called Happy Gorilla Dance Company. We work together with an historian in the company, and thats gives a nice kind of different perspective.

I´m also very much into fine arts, and movies. One other main occupation is norwegian chinese co-production of movies, where i work as a producer and composer in at the moment 3 feature films.

I got some information from  Bruno about your labaratory and i liked the information, and  my contribution could be from many angels. I have lot of pratice from post-dramatic staging, thats one option, another could be from experinces good and bad from non hiearctic art practice, or from creating interdiciplinary works also with academics/non artists.

I like challenges. Not only challenge the audience but also make challenges for the creation of a new work. I follow the global political situation closely, and most late works is quite political, but not readable in an obvious way. I seldom start a production with the idea of treating life as a problem.

I also work now for my second period for the Arts Council of Norway as consultant  of the theatre/stage section.

Im 50 years old, married, one child, bald, blue eyes, adress is under.