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gaël L.

// body – pleasure – violence – eros – intimacy //


I’m a french visual artist.
Self didacted, I started as a photographer (projects like De Hysteria Chirurgica or Voyages Intérieurs, edited in 2007), then moved to scene / performance art (La Leçon du Mardi, In Proxima Altera), often with a strong technologic component.
I now am an active member of the collective Le Clair Obscur (directed by Frederic Deslias), but I still work on pieces of my own.
According to the needs, I use computers (Max/MSP, Processing, interactions…) – but that’s not always necessary 😉

Website : www.gael-l.com


@.2 // Sle3p1nG B3Au/ty (2012)
(co-directed by Gaël L. & F. Deslias / Le Clair-Obscur)
A girl in a box, with Facebook as the only link to the world…

Le Nécrophile (2011)
A piece freely based on a novel by Gabrielle Wittkop.

In Proxima Altera (2009-2011)
A performance about love and distance to the others, in wich the audience interacts with me, via electro-shocks and breath control