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ema DEI

Ema Dei was born in Bucharest in a horse breeders and shoemaker family which underwent the process of dispossession and ethnical acculturation of gypsy imposed by the communist regime.

In her childhood the Art and the Culture were passed on then secretly by oral tradition.

Her father shoemaker taught her the dance and the grace of movement; his uncle the painting and his mother the literature and the philosophy.

Teenager Ema follows at first the way of the Plastic Arts. After the Revolution, she reaches the school of the Beautiful Arts of Bucharest where she will be one of the first accepted Gypsies. In the same time just after the Romanian revolution Ema was one of the initiator of the new wave and punk movement in the capital, she collaborated at the opening at very first clubs at Bucharest and built a strong reputation as a clubbing leader and dancer.

Not yet 18 years she let Romania for France. She discover a new culture, she plays theatre, she shoots in shorts films with Arte …Ema exploits also the education of her father and her own dance floor free style and becomes a dancer for the Opera of the Rhine and Palais des Congrès in Strasbourg.

She settles down in Paris were she take lessons of theatre, she shoots in five shorts movies, she wrote pieces of theatre and make immigration’s children acting on her creation. Than Anil Chopra tracks down Ema Dei, publisher, who realizes with her of numerous reports photo and published her poetry and her analysis. Also, as an excellent French speaker she participates at so many radio and television talk shows.

Bouglionne teaches her the aerobatics and the acrobatics on the ground.

She thus becomes a trapeze artist for gypsy circuses. She evolves then in the environment of the techno evenings as a performer, as well for companies among the most vanguard as in her own name; she singing on her trapeze with techno music and black lights.

Also, in this period, by disagreeing with show business pretty superficial, Ema Dei reaches an underground movement of painters in Paris where she recognize an unconformity and alternative research. So, she starts to paint again: painters with four side of lectures, orthodox iconography in ecstatic attitudes, installation metaphoric about similitude between human body and ecosystem… “ Les vernissages “ with a very provocative spirit and a clear political engagement.

But it is through the music that Ema Dei takes up with its roots. At the begun of 2000 year she discover she can sing evens her voice are ever a gipsy voice. Curious about the history of her people she studied Rromani Cultures and Civilisation at Rromani University of Bucharest and at INALCO in Paris.

She starts recordings with Mahala Rai Banda in Bucharest, follows in tours Taraf de Haidoucks and Esma Redzepova.

December of 2001, she records in live her first disk with traditional songs in Paris at Radio Libertaire.