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daily chronicle

Imagine the unimaginable

 Sunday, June 10, 2012

Warm up

Second day of TryAngle

The unimaginable is there to be imagined.

They walked through the day, through the streets of Marseille. They entered Théâtre des Bernardines and crossed the audience with the red chairs to get to the stage, where they experimented the first movements in the context of the lab, and allowed the body to breathe the space. They were together for lunch, and tasted the flavours of traditional food, made of meat stuffed vegetables. After that they walked the streets again, climbed to the basilica Notre-Dame de la Garde and followed in direction of the Mediterranean Sea. Some went swimming. Others just allowed themselves be lost in the landscape. The day went by and they went on telling stories and finding a little more about each other. The first day of experimentation was approaching. At 10 a.m. the next day, monday, they will start sharing ideas and negotiating collaborations in the ‘market’. It will be the beginning of the story they may tell someday in the future to somebody else. This day, the 11th June, will be the first day to imagine the unimaginable.