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Welcome to the market of ideas

Monday, June 11, 2012

1st day of the lab TryAngle

Text Claudia Galhós

There were more than ten project ideas in the first session of the ‘market’. Some of them were single actions, based on a collective moment of experimentation, others were more complex and need  more days to be developed, some were more abstract, others more concrete. All of them shared the same will to collaborate, to implicate others and their creative impulse in order to be together in the process of discover the possibilities of theatre – and in the word ‘theatre’ there is a wide world of possibilities, artistic, philosophic and social ones for example. Here is the list of the projects:

 1. Peeping, by Yanniv Cohen

Working around the idea of peeping, or seeing what is not supposed to be seen. Maybe for the construction of an installation with filmed and photographed images of scenes created, protagonized or imagined by the participants of TryAngle lab.

 2. History, by Jorge Andrade

 To create a fiction using people, scenarios and facts of Marseille. Search for a way to turn himself (Jorge Andrade) as a character from the city and creating a plot where there is familiar relations between him and people from Marseille. Manipulation of facts, images… without knowing what the result might be.

3. Intimacy, by Marion Lubat

 A work about intimacy and what the effects the exhibition of intimacy in the public space may cause. What happens if a group of people, a person or a couple, do something intimate, like getting naked on the street? What does that person or group feels while doing that and being watched? And what does that provoke on the people that may witness it?

 4. Voice of Ema, by Ema Dei

 An experimentation with body and movement in space, but trying to compose new sounds and movements that can emerge from the resonance of Ema’s voice in the body of another person.

 5. Shadows, by Tzeni Argyriou

The idea emerged from the need to understand what is happening in Greece. How it got to this point? How it is possible living in such a tension that at any moment it can emerge a civil war? The experimentation is about human nature, how human can go to extremes of violence… The relation between what the shadow is, the detachment of something, and what is most visible, the superficiality. It might mean going to history to understand the present. It implies an understanding that the person herself is just the superficial being, the person is what he or she looks like. The shadow shows what  he or she thinks.

6. Stillness, by Kostas Koutsolelos

 A collective experiment about one of obsessions of Kostas in performance, stillness. He says: “The possibility of people moving slowly or being still on stage gives me time to think about the human.” The idea is to do that through live images.

7. Dix mention, by Louisna Laurent

Experiment about the distortion of time, sound and images.

8. Dancing lunch, by Odile Darbeley

 A shared moment, turning a normal task into a ritual, is the proposal of Odile. The idea of eating a meal as if dancing.

 9. Reformulation Project, by Willy Prager

 An exercise on writing, of shared authorship, taking the transcription of the interviews Willy did in Arab Spring, also about  underwear, and the blue bra as its symbol. Each person writes a small text starting from one of those interviews and after that someone else takes that text and writes another one. The starting point is something very political, but the result maybe far from that, and shared in a collective authorship.

 10. Ménade, by Gaël L.

In our times, there are new approaches to the ancient mythologies, sometimes they express the world in crisis. The inspiration is an image from the photographer and blogger Dimitris the Athens, of a naked woman with a greek flag, in which we can read, ‘We have a dream. We are still alive. We just want peace. But… we must fight’

 11. Body territory, by Raphaelle Blancherie

Taking as an inspiration the Hospice de la Charité that was part of the walk in Marseille in the first day of the Warm Up, Raphaelle proposes to analyse further the history of craziness in Marseille in order to create a work about exclusion, not to speak about the excluded people but about the ones that exclude. It’s a project without actors or dancers, but with people expressing the way they think of what exclusion says about us. The idea is to create a mental space, a territory of isolation, in search of an alternative way to speak about that question.

And so the first day went on, with researches from the artists in order to be able to start their projects with other people later on the week – it was the case of  “Peeping” by Yaniv Cohen and “History” by Jorge Andrade – and the stage of Gare Franche was occupied with group experimentations for Kostas’s project, “Stillness”, and Ema’s project, “Voice of Ema”.