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daily chronicle

Written TryLab

With second Zap Visitor João Garcia Miguel

 friday, 22nd June

Let’s just try to share some questions and some thoughts… These are only a few questions and thoughts extracted from the intense two week residence in Marseille, out of a time order, organised according to a subjective idea of a tryout of a possible written dramaturgy, using some fragments of talks that occurred in the first experience of TryAngle 2012.

 1. What are you talking about?

(title of Miguel Pereira’s proposal for TryAngle)

 2. You open yourselves to relations, and if I can explain how I feel now, I feel lost. But maybe that is a good feeling: being lost. Because is good to feel this sensation, but how much time can you feel lost? How much time do you stay lost? How much time you are able to live with this sensation of being lost?

 (João Garcia Miguel, portuguese theatre director and Zap Visitor in TryAngle, in the meeting with the artists, in the end of two days of watching experiments)

3. What the fuck can we do with that?

(Kostas Koutsolelos’s question when talking about his experience in the researches and tryouts he initiated and/or shared with other people, but also in the context of the discussion about Gaël L.’s project, “Menade”)

4. We should’t take time explaining what is going to happen, it just has to happen.

 (Agnes Jouannaud, in the meeting?… brainstorm?… rehearsal?… experimentation?… of Miguel Pereira’s project)

 5. There is a huge difference between showing and sharing.

 (Marcia Lança in the discussion with the Zap Visitor João Garcia Miguel)

 6. I am not sure if we should spend the time like this…

 (Tzeni Argiriou while in Théâtre des Bernardines while experimenting to film shadows)

 7. It is not very often that we are put in this melting pot of artists and have a sensation that we could act or put in question our way of acting and producing. And I think maybe there are a lot of contradictions here: first of all the need to make a presentation; or these need to make something that mirrors ourselves to the others in some way in this fast two weeks period. It creates a lot of paradoxes.

 (João Garcia Miguel, portuguese theatre director and Zap Visitor in TryAngle)

 8. Where are the washed clothes?

 (Dani Brown question when everybody was discussing the organisation of the final day of presentation of most of all the experiments done in TryAngle)

9. This kind of events – TryAngle – in my opinion proposes a lot of questions. One question is: “What is an artist today? What it means in our contemporary society?”

 (João Garcia Miguel, portuguese theatre director and Zap Visitor in TryAngle)

10. In a world full of rules and standards that tells you how, there is a question – “can’t it be otherwise?” – that is not asked very often. This is a little bit the work of the artist.

 (Simon Rummel answering in an interview the question: “What do you think is the role of the artist in contemporary society?)

11. Now we hear everybody talking about the new world order. Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, etc. The role of the artist is to work on the new world disorder.

 (Ema Dei, answering the question “What do you think is the role of the artist today”)

12. I saw outsanding moments, very interesting conversations and very touching experiences. There is a sensation on this lab, maybe in some kind of utopia, of searching what we can do together? What it means being together? Being together may mean still being alone, because we fake this being together.

 (João Garcia Miguel, portuguese theatre director and Zap Visitor in TryAngle)

 13. Enough evidences for the non coherence of the world.

 (Central question in Marcia Lanca’s project, also known as ‘Context’)