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daily chronicle

What is more valid?

Thursday, 21st June

What is our role and our responsibility in a given process of collective search for meaning, outside the dictatorship of economy in contemporary life? What is our role and our responsibility when deciding how to position oneself critically in relation to the capitalistic way of life? What is our role and our responsibility when deciding how to position oneself critically in relation to the other? How can we achieve a sustainable balance between being permeable to the other but not subjugated by the other? Between creating an idea about the other but being open to the possibility of changing that idea, not get stuck in a fixed and constrained frame of mind?

What is more valid? A performative act that inscribes itself in a given moment and place and creates a strong and suggestive image? Or a performative act that implies a very conscience awareness of what the intention is, the possible meanings it suggests and the poetical and political implications of that act?

What is it more valid? An happening born out of a vision, without profound development of it, which results in an isolated and singular action, without previous critical investment from its author and no much room for critical investment from who relates with it? Or is more valid to take the time to discuss it, to research it before, to ask questions, to allow an idea or intention to develop, find the adequate time for that deepening of the research and accompany it with a continuous and posterior discussion and reflection and questioning of what it implies and what may arise from it?

These are questions for art, but are also questions that reflect a position in life. It’s a dilemma that exists in society. It´s a dilemma that exists also in the work of writing about artistic experiments. It is also a question about the right time. A question about criticising the notion of time in our contemporary life, and an act of resistance to engage in the vertiginous consumption of time.

What is the most adequate rhythm? Trying to always produce some kind of thought Immediately at the moment the act is inscribed in a given place and time? Is the right time not even to have time to think and just fixate, for future memory, some images and words about each experience, each act, each breath, each expression of an artistic sensibility? Kind of an automatic unconscious writing, going back to surrealistic and dada experiences?

In TryAngle, at all levels of participation, in this constant movement between the individual expression of an identity and the will to be part of a collective, what becomes more evident is a clearer formulation of the questions and some glimpses of possible answers. Maybe the challenge in every case concerning these particular questions is how to find the point of balance. A point of balance that is rooted in the desire to be always in a precarious position, always in the eminence of being out of balance. Or maybe simply just being always out of balance…