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daily chronicle

Lost in translation

TUESDAY, 19th June

 Is it a question of communication? Is it a question of translation? Is it a question of finding a good way for living together? Is it a question of interpretation and point of view? There are many questions… TryAngle is certainly not a place of answers. The practice here is how to deal with the condition of doubt, and accepting and integrating it as a value. The challenge is not be immobilised by it, nor lost in the fascination of it. And over the combination of possible questions that may emerge, there is the question of finding the limits within which the questioning can happen. What is valid in this context? In a project of this nature there is the utopia of freedom. But what goes beyond the freedom of creativity that is desired to be practiced in a project of this nature, and what belongs inside this frame and what doesn’t belong? How do you deal with limits when the aim is freedom?

These questions are not new, they return each new day to disturb us and alert our senses.

There are some questions that hunts us. Like the relevance of an artistical act. And the fact that it is valid – or not – for the context of art but not only, it mirrors a common dilemma in contemporary society. The code of values that guides each person; what is valued; and the persistent search for significance in what one does.

In TryAngle there coexists different cultural backgrounds and languages. The first impression would be that everybody is very different from the other, just because of that varied geographic origin. But Soledad Zarka has another opinion: that repeated statement is not an evidence. So, how do an artist may approach this question? Working about the obvious challenge of communication and the mixture of languages may be one. It has been present throughout TryAngle, in the most discrete and daily moments. But now has entered the artistical experimentations. It crossed the stories told by the fire the night before, proposed by Marko Milic, that ended with each person telling a story in his own language. It was present in the improvisation between music and words by Jorge Andrade e Simon Rummel. It plays an important role in Miguel Pereira “Brainstorming” project. And entered Kostas Koutsolelos’s project “Stillness”, now in a different phase. The group of eleven artists are sitting on a circle on the stage repeating phrases in ancient greek, with deep meaning and touching messages – like “there are myriad of hopes in the world” – but almost as if it was abstract music, produced by a chorus of voices, that expresses millions of possibilities of meaning through rhythm, volume, and emotion in the sound. At this soundtrack of musical language, Kostas is adding some gestures, like looking up or raising shoulders and hands as if expressing not knowing. The body becomes obviously involved, but the body was already there… So every artistical act is a reworking of something that already exists in the world, even when is not an obvious and intentional readymade. But then where ends an artistical proposal and a daily action begins? That is part of the same question, but is also a very different question… And these are only some questions of TryAngle.