fico balet

FICO BALET is an NGO. Through dance performances, festivals and workshops we are enabling people to experience art in a new way.
Since 2000 we collaborated with over 250 artists, held workshops and performed throughout Europe and North America.We have been awarded with some slovenian and international awards.
Our base town is Ljubljana, and we are mainly supported by Ministry of Culture Slovenia and by City Ljubljana.
Body is our media, Dance is our energy, we take our Space for a ride, you are our Story.  

Goran Bogdanovski is a Slovenian award-winning performer, choreographer, teacher and artistic director. Since 1989, he has worked successfully with over 70 choreographers and directors in many fields of the performing arts. At the same time he was also a soloist at the Slovenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre.  He founded Fičo Balet in 2000. Since then, he has developed his own style of expression, combining music, light, dramaturgy, technology, text and body. Until now, he realized numerous dance productions, international research projects, festivals and educational programs.

In 2002 he opened up and managed Kino Šiška as a rehearsal space for contemporary dance and theatre in Ljubljana until renovation in 2008. In 2003 he launched with partners the first biannual Slovene dance platformGibanica (Moving Cake). He is one of the initiators of NOMAD Dance Academy, educational and artistic reseach project launched in 2005 with partners from Slovenia, Croatia, Srebia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herecegovina and Bulgaria. Lately he is involved in establishing of Centre of contemporary dance arts in Ljubljana and creating a touring network througout Slovenia with project Network of contemporary dance. He is also involved in Modul-dance project of European Dancehouse Network and Tryangle project.