“TRYANGLE – Performing Arts Research Laboratories “ – is intimately related with the support of transnational mobility of people and circulation of art works in Europe. Today – more than ever before – the environment of art is international and intercultural in nature. Artists and cultural workers can only develop their own work by meeting with their colleagues, discussing common topics, seeing each others works, collaborating with each other, etc.

Specially artists are subjected to a great deal of market pressure in order to be able to circulate their work. There is still very little room for trying-out, experimenting and researching without a clear final goal. On the long run, this situation creates artistic work that is safe and less interesting. Artists need platforms such as “TRY ANGLE Performing Arts Research Laboratories” in order to circulate their works, question their projects and develop their skills, in a safe atmosphere away from the market pressure.

The project also encourages intercultural dialogue. It holds that the creative work of our artists, and its fruition by our public stimulates the dialogue between people, letting our art and our cultural realizations speak for ourselves and create dialogues with the Other. One of its main objectives is to further dialogue and cooperation in Europe and its immediate neighbourhood, by exchanging our visions and methodologies through the work and creativity of our artists and our culture professionals. One important condition to make this happen is the possibility to meet, know and work with each other. By facilitating mobility and exchange, “TRY ANGLE Performing Arts Research Laboratories” provide a collaboration and networking framework that is essential to foster artistic creativity in all its expressions to promote cooperation and intercultural dialogue in Europe and between Europe and the rest of the world.

“TRYANGLE – Performing Arts Research Laboratories” is a high end project for artistic research, aimed to sustained growth of the artists involved. It’s an international cross-disciplinary project, focused on the research and set-up of new collaborative practices among emerging and established European artists. Its aimed to reflect and reinvent the very idea of “art making” in our times, fostering new forms of collaboration, due to the unusual set-up in which it develops. It’s a hands-on project, where artists learn by doing, devising new strategies as they go along the creative tryouts.

We believe that artists learn with each other through out their artistic careers. Therefore, during the two weeks of each lab, we aim to isolate them from their market-competitive environment into a fruitful collaborative one.

The project is co-organizes by three cultural organizations in France, Germany and Portugal and it will be developed with the collaboration of associated partners in Scandinavia, Turkey and the Balkan Region.

The following activities are planed: 3 sets of 2 week research laboratories that will take place in France, Germany and Portugal on 2012, bringing together around 100 artists and cultural workers from all over Europe, the East Mediterranean and the Balkan Region.

During the week and every morning, they will meet in a room and post their ideas on a white wall to look for partners, technical support and location for each one’s project. After this process all the teams will disperse to work for the whole day. The technical and producing team will be totally available for the artists needs and the curator will help to break the most complex deals.

In the afternoons a short period of informal showings will take place. Anyone can attend and give feedback to the works in progress. Several meetings between all the participants and week visitors (Zap Visitors) will be held. The visitors will be guest art curators, a famous artist, an art critic, a philosopher, etc. that will witness the creative process of the artists, and contribute with his/her feedback.

Meals time will naturally be interacting daily situations, since participants will split into small groups either reflecting on the day’s work or already preparing their projects for the following day. It will be excellent opportunity not only to relax but also to encounter the others and to plan future work.

At the end of each week, and according to the artists’ wishes, informal showings will be held. Besides the importance of witnessing each other’s work, these showings will be excellent opportunities to connect with the local artists scene as well as with the general local public.