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TRYRomance was created during the TRY ANGLE Laboratory at the tanzhaus nrw in Dusseldorf in July 2012.
It was a project developed by Cláudia Gaiolas and Paula Diogo, two Portuguese performers that decided to go into the streets of Dusseldorf asking a diverse group of anonymous people to read a short dialogue from the piece “TRISTAN UND ISOLDE” by Richard Wagner.
The confrontation of these people with the text from Richard Wagner, an iconic figure of the German culture, created different layers of humour and human density.
This material was registered in video by Leonie Vogel and Dimitri Preiss, two members of the Lab’s media team and was after shown during informal presentations, during the open day.
The aim of the project was to focus in this relation between daily live and performance, mixing/altering reality and fiction. The whole project was developed in collaboration with the Portuguese performer Gui Garrido and Austrian media artist Jan Machacek. This collaboration developed then into a co-creation project having “romance” has main theme. We have also been accompanied by Isotta Trastevere as video assistant.
We now propose to use the same device we have developed in Dusseldorf in two different countries: Portugal and France. Two other partners involved in the organisation of TRY ANGLE.
Our idea is to select pieces of different texts, that can go from iconic national literature to universal classics and to confront them with different people in each location. This selection would communicate directly with each different context. Then we would use these materials in the same way we did in TRY ANGLE: using them to create a live performance that would be built and shown in each country. The final format of these live performances will be developed in the different venues and regarding the specific context in which the materials are produced. So each presentation can be different and maybe cross different formats such as: conference, live performance, video showing, installation, etc. Our idea is to continue working in this thin line between performance and daily life, trying to evoke different poetics by an attentive regard towards the world.
For France we proposed to work in a specific location near Les Bernardines that is Noailles at the city centre known to be a strong immigration quarter. A “work in process” was presented at Les Informelles Festival in June.
For Portugal the proposition takes place between Montemor-o-Novo and Lisbon during the months of September/October.
The final presentation again in Marseille in November 2013 is the closure of the all process gathering the materials from: Düsseldorf, Marseille and Montemor/Lisboa into a final conclusion of the project.
CREATION and TEAM : Paula Diogo, Cláudia Gaiolas, Gui Garrido, Jan Machacek
VIDEO ASSISTANT : Isotta Trastevere
PARTICIPANTS MARSEILLE: Benyounés Miloud et Annamaria, Clément Amézieux, Crinoux Lionel et Geoffrey Coppini, Johny, Jinet, Yusuf Zeinab, Leitard Laurent, Timoté, Youssra, Lamia et Myriam, Stephane, Benoit Brugrier, Guillaume Arias, Berhedig Le Floc’h, Annelise Ourmigres et Isabelle Antheaume, Meghit Fatiha et Saidoun Bouchta, Jean-Luc Derlon, Veronique Pierron, Quentin Sorrentino et Jeremy Gantaume, Aurélien Possamaj et Anne Giovannoni, Sylvana Ré, Joelle Zapata, Benjamin Clasen, Zins Gregory, Sarah Niche, Meno, Manuela, Touati Tahria.
PARTICIPANTS DUSSELDORF: Vicenzo and Rishi, Johanna and Axel, Dominik and Victoria, Farah and Johannis, Marx and Bernd, Tony and Audrey Grey, Maria Heiderhoff and Rita Mariano, Can Caba and Sebastien, Uwe and Carstin, Chris and Jasmine, Georgen Uffer and Lilia Frizen, Maximilian and Fritz