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Hidden Marseille

What are the hidden melodies, the lost sounds, the secret rhythms and forgotten movements of everyday Marseille, during it’s year as European City Of Culture?
Music, dance, theatre are given center stage as a city plays the role of cultural capital. But what about all the other city sounds, annoying noises which are always heard but never listened to? Which tones, which melodies, rhythms are hiding in a busy city? Does a tram sing? A croissant whistles? The old harbor hums? Is there a rhythm pattern to the street structure? What is the harmonics of a school? An old boat makes a lullaby with the rudder? We are interested not only in finding these secrets, but also to reveal them and their beauty. We go look for the hidden sounds, and when we find them, we document and record them, and we build living, playable instruments. Each instrument becomes an individual, characteristic musical representation of it’s source. This diversity of instruments then becomes a strange orchestra… which then plays a very peculiar symphony… which accompanies the haunting story… of a lost sound, searching for a way back into the magical, secret, hidden everyday song and dance of Marseille.
Montaine Chevalier – research, choreography, costumes, performance
Gisle Martens Meyer – research, sound design, composition, visuals, performance