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Bull’s Eye

“Bull’s Eye” is a work of graphics and sound. It is a visual triptych which functions with movement: choreographic and cinematographic; and sound: spoken word and music. The triptych is comprised of three spaces, three time periods, interconnected. The trinity: Past, present and future. The present having causes and effects. The triptych is mobile. It organizes itself, then becomes disorganized in order to reappear remodeled. The invisible space that holds together each image. The minute silence which holds together each sound. It is this fine layer of emptiness we explore. This ever-changing triptych is a machine of inquiry, introspection; for if we are its actors, we are also the subject of this inquiry, or more exactly, it is this indefinable space between us which is the object of study. To define the space between us is to define ourselves.
During a film recording, the writing of a text or music, we create in the same instant a sense of past, present, and future. To see the present, reveal the future, then revisit the past in the same gesture: eternity.
EUTROPIA, or the history of details.
It is through the bull’s eye that we see; at times the overall plan, and at times only
detail. The detail resides in the gap between things and/or the gaps in time. The european arena is the setting in which we advance. We measure the space that separates or brings us together; the time that approaches or that drifts away. This bull’s eye is sensitive. It does not want to explain things but to show them. From the original myth of Europa, seduced then raped by Zeus in the guise of a white bull, to the financial collapse of Greece, our tour of Europe is complete. Our eye is fixed on a hand, a look, a fraction of a second, the movement slows, the image magnifies to a single pixel and the freezing of time. Mi and Al, our two investigators in search of the original crime, but above all in search of a corpse, a lifeless body diluted into the maze of history. The story to be written of this Europe in the making. The view, magnified 1000 times, of the penis of Zeus penetrating the vagina of Europa. A hand through the hair, a fixed gaze on the beauty mark of a lovely behind. Traditional painters, with the advent of the jpeg photo the space became divided into smaller and smaller squares. Details of a whole in which the goal is the whole which exists only by the addition of details. Different space-times, different languages, climates, different customs, but looking always and again for unity. The final composition: the sublimation of the addition of details of which the ultimate goal is Europe. The young girl, this murder, this historic detail: a task among other tasks, yet not in harmony with the whole. A cigarette lit in a public space, all eyes pointed at this small red tip that burns; setting ablaze the whole of Europe, the restoration of unity. On stage, three groups of characters or figures: the first is comprised of stage actors, three women (Emmi, Alwynne et Anne) and three men (Jörg, Miguel et Philippe). The  second group is a choir, they appear only in the form of a recorded image. They are witnesses of history, those who have seen and are talking. The last group consists of one alone (Jacinto): spoken word, the author, like a god, perhaps he exists only in our dreams.
When he steps into the triptych, he is always comprised of three images: three examples of the same single character in different periods of time.
A performance of :
Miguel Borges (Portugal), actor
Jacinto Lucas Pires (Portugal), author
Alwynne Pritchard (Norway), artist
Jörg Ritzenhoff (Germany), composer, muscian
Emmi Venna (Finland), choregrapher, dancer
Philippe Vincent (France), stage director, filmmaker
Bertrand Saugier (France), videographer
Anne Ferret (France), actress
Performance in english, french and other languages with french subtitles.
Coproduction :
TRY ANGLE (Performing arts research laboratories)
Les Bernardines (Marseille, France), direction Alain Fourneau
Tanzhaus nrw (Düsseldorf, Allemagne), direction Stefan Schwarz
O Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal), direction Rui Horta
Scènes théâtre-cinéma (Lyon, France)
With the artistic and technical help from “Virus Productions“ for the cinematographic
“Bull’s eye, history of details”, that has been previously selected in TRY ANGLE
Performing Arts Research Laboratories and that shall be premiered in Marseille in the frame of Marseille-Provence 2013. Capitale Européenne de la Culture, between 20th and 24th of November 2013.
” Bull’s eye, history of details” got the support of Institut français and Conseil Régional
PACA and EHESS Paris (Labex)