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This is a text about a piece we have not done yet. I can only look into the future while thinking of the past.
It all started in Montemor, Portugal, when several artists got together to experiment in different directions as part of the TRY ANGLE Lab. What some of us shared back then, was an intense curiosity about looking at people and trying to see what a body tells you beyond the ream of words. And we decided to extend this curiosity outside the Lab and bring it onto the stage.
This was in September 2012. Now it is July 2013. And I should write about what we will do in November 2013.
Tricky subject.
This started as a collaboration and we will keep doing that. All of us (Anna, Daniel, Leandro, Marcela, Martin) will take some of the questions that were created in this artists’ laboratory and put them into our lives. And we will ask ourselves what makes sense to do. And why. And while it is not sure what we are going to do – the same way a writer doesn’t know what will happen in a book that is not written yet – we can tell you this: We will try to be honest, we will try not to make one of those boring pieces, we will try to touch you (emotionally, intellectually or literally).
If you want to interfere in the process of this piece, do it: