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By Claudia Galhós

The first approach to the idea Nuria Guiu Sagarra is interested in experiment happens in the big stage of Tanzhaus. It is late in the morning of Wednesday, 18th July, and she is speaking to Claudia Gaiolas, sharing some possible ways to materialize “Transformers”. These are her words:

I really like writing, so I thought I could propose to read a text that I wrote a few months ago and take it as inspirational input to construct a situation on stage. I thought that in a first moment, people could be around and everyone should feel free to go into the space and do a certain action, whatever he/she wants, or just stand still in a position or image created from something inspired by the text.

We brought props and people can come, take any prop they want and use them. If someone wants to take more stuff that isn’t already here, it is possible to go out and get something else. This will be a free space where people comes in, but can also go out. And is possible to bring text, movement, sound… Half of the room will be doing this one action, creating this situation, and the other half of the room will be what I call ‘the transformers‘.

In the case of ‘the transformers’, I want them to transform the space but also transform the time. So I want them to say ‘stop time‘. ‘Stop‘. And whatever is happening on space, stops. Everybody freezes. Then the transformers can go in and change it. Once they are finished, they say continues, the action continues wherever they are, but with the differences they created.

They can also transform by saying ‘time is stretching’ or ‘time is getting slower’. Suddenly whatever is happening there, they have to do it in a kind of slow motion. So ‘the transformers’ can interact by messing with time or physically, by going in and moving someone or something and put it somewhere else.”