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janez JANŠA

Janez Janša is artist, writer, performer and director of interdisciplinary performances a.o. WE ARE ALL MARLENE DIETRICH FOR (with Erna Omarsdottir), PUPILIJA, PAPA PUPILO AND THE PUPILCEKS – RECONSTRUCTION and THE MORE OF US THERE ARE, THE FASTER WE WILL REACH OUR GOAL. His visual works include a. o. REFUGEE CAMP FOR THE FIRST WORLD CITIZENS  (with Peter Šenk), NAME Readymade (with Janez Janša and Janez Janša) and LIFE [IN PROGRESS]. His work contains strong critical and political dimension and it is focused on the relation between art and social and political context. He is author of the book on Jan Fabre (JAN FABRE – La Discipline du chaos, le chaos de la discipline, Armand Colin, Paris 1994) and has been editor in chief of MASKA, performing arts journal from 1999 to 2006. He is the director of Maska, institute for publishing, production and education based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.