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expose your contradiction

Text by Irina Raskin

“I am so excited, just imagining this project is enough” says Samir Akika while drawing his proposal. What started as an idea for a performance proposal for Dejan Srhoj, developed into the initiation of little projects for every artistic participant, as well as Helena Waldmann and Stefan Schwarz. Samir formulated his approach like that:

 “Divide the space in two halves. These two halves should represent a conflict in your personality or contradictive desires that you struggle with. Here are some proposals. These might be wrong, far reality. But I thought that giving concrete examples would help. You are free to think about it as a performance (text, movement, sound) or small installation (2TVs, objects, drawings etc.). I would be happy to support you in any means.”

 Together with the proposal Samir handed out sheets with little self made drawings with symbolic visuals as suggested contradictions for each person. But the people are free whether they would like to participate or not, as well as they are free to expose another characteristic polarity of themselves (as the suggested one might be wrong) and choose the format and media.

Besides the topic, the only common point should be a three-part portrait, that Samir would create in addition: a photography of everybody’s face and its modification, for which the face should be cut vertically in its centre and then each  half of it should be mirrored, so that out of one person three different faces are produced.

 For Samir this project is a chance to spend more time with the participants, get to know them better. He wants to adapt his function within each realization to the needs of the others and either just help with the organization or contribute some ideas.

The different results of “Expose your Contradiction” shall be shared on Wednesday evening.