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dejan SRHOJ

I have finished ballet school in Ljubljana and continued my studies at Heinz Bosl Stiftung – Ballet Academy in Munich. In 1998 I became a soloist at the Slovenian National Ballet and have danced principal roles. In the year 2000 I have co-created dance theatre group Fičo Balet and soon became freelance artist. Since then I have been performing and choreographing within the group and colaborated with others. As a performer I have toured all around the globe.
I am recently not performing much but mostly teaching and within that field inetrested in practicing the idea of the ignorant schoolmaster.
I am also interested in different kind of mappings and discovering the possibility of everyday movement as a ready-made.
I am a co founder of the Nomad Dance Academy – NDA regional project that organizes educational, research and productional activities in the context of perfoming arts in the Balkans. Within NDA Slovenia I am curating festival Pleskavica. Within Dance Theatre Ljubljana I am curating festival Ukrep. In 2008 I have finished the Open University, London, (BA) in Humanities.