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daily chronicle

Portraits. Portraits. Portraits.

by Claudia Galhós

Who can be my body model? It is late in the day when Frieder Weiss enters the forum room searching for someone who is available to stand for some time in a fixed position while he scans the entire body of that person with a 3D camera. Jasmina Zaloznik ends up by being that model, saying: “I can be a body”.

This was on Tuesday, 17th July. The second day of TryAngle Düsseldorf. The next morning – Wednesday, 18th July -, Frieder would briefly present in the Forum the idea. According to him that could also be a possible way for him to know a little more the people involved in TryAngle, and collaborate in some way, since he tends to work in more solitude. So, his 3D video immaterial sculpturs of each person standing still, plus what he wants to explore in the next days – to capture a kind of walking signature of each body – are portraits. But Frieder is not the only one doing portraits these days inside Tanzhaus.

There is a considerable percentage of projects that, in a more direct or indirect way, propose some idea of portrait of each person in TryAngle.

There is Gui Garrido photographing portraits of each person as if floating in air. The result is to be seen soon…

There is Li Alin proposing a one on one meeting to explore each person’s answer to the question: show me a movement that represents your way of releasing the contained sexual energy that you are not able or cannot release through sex. It is Li’s project “Sex with no sex”.

Then there is Paula Diogo with her filmed portraits, for which she asked people that could go into one of the rooms, where she prepared a camera to record each one saying their name, what the name means (fake or real) and sing a song.

There is the case of Cécile Martin and her individual meeting with each artist to ask them to fly. In reality by asking to fly, Cécile means more asking each person to jump or take a leap of faith, or enter what could be each person’s uncomfortable zone.

If we approach with some freedom the use of some kind of personal imprint in the material worked by an artist, it could also be said that Jayrope is also using this. It can be said that this is implied when he defies everybody to join him in a small flash mob in the public toilets of the nearest Burger King for a collective teeth wash. Every person has a particular way of washing his/her teeth. As a curiosity, there is this fact that in first Colina – Collaboration in Arts (2003 in Montemor-O-Novo, Portugal), the project that is in the origin of TryAngle, there was a visual artist, Catarina Campino, that filmed each person washing his/her teeth, precisely capturing the rich diversity through which individuality is expressed in this so banal action, sometimes funny, others sad, others just messy…