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claudia GAIOLAS

Actress | Director

Degree in Acting and Directing by Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema, of Lisbon.

Cláudia Gaiolas is an actress, creator and teacher. She has worked with numerous theatre companies and directors such as Teatro da Garagem, Mundo Perfeito/Tiago Rodrigues, André Murraças, Joaquim Horta, António Mercado, Madalena Victorino, Jean-Pierre Larroche, Mala Voadora/Jorge Andrade, Àgnes Limbos, Truta and teatro meia volta e depois à esquerda quando eu disser/Alfredo Martins.

She was co-founder and member of the collective Teatro Praga for a decade, participating in the main body of work of this company. With Teatro da Garagem, she participated as an actress in about ten performances, directed and written by Carlos J.Pessoa. She was also a member of SubUrbe, a collective of artists that created several pieces, dedicating themselves to a very political theatre making.

She has been a usual collaborator in the works of Mundo Perfeito, both as an actress and also as a co-creator of several pieces. She has also dedicated a lot of her time to teaching and many different educational projects, working with children, communities and artistic social projects. She directed the performance “The woman who stopped”, written by Tiago Rodrigues and produced by Alkantara Festival, with actors from the community of Cova da Moura, in the suburbs of Lisbon.

Since 2007, Cláudia Gaiolas works with Má-Criação, an international collective of independent artists, and developed projects as 20’ (2008), 101 Project (2008) and Learning to Swim (2010).